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Article Submission Service
Article Submission Service
  • Drives Traffic from Targeted Audiences to Targeted Pages with Targeted Messaging
  • Helps Promote your website pages as Single Entities
  • Facilitates Varied Marketing Angles Online
  • A¬†Great Way to Diversify your Links & Promote your Site
  • Helps in Organic Rankings of your Keywords
  • Helps in improving your Page Rank
OUR Article Submission PRICING
Creating 1 Original Article & its 2 variations | Regular Price $39 | NOW $19
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+ sentence level spun version
Submissions to 10 Sites | Regular Price $29 | NOW $19
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including account creation for one article only
Submissions to 40 Sites | Regular Price $89 | NOW $49
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including account creation for one article only
OUR Article Submission HIGHLIGHTS
  • Ideal Length 400+ words
  • Submissions to SEO friendly article websites
  • Strict "White Hat" Ethical Techniques followed
  • Task done by Experienced & Qualified Team
  • No Automated Submissions
  • And you also get a Free Report. So it shows value on your ROI
Q: How many sites do you submit the Article to?
A: We submit to 10 top grade sites which are altogether authorities in this field like Ezine, GOarticles etc. Click here to see sample sites
Q: How many links do I get from these?
A: With each article site allowing two links the number you would look at is 20. Also for each activity we try to do a little more than what has been stated. This is to ensure we have adequate cushion in place.
Q: Can I see some samples of your Article Postings?
A: Yes, you can. Please click the sample links to see. Sample 1 | Sample 2
Q: How much time does it take for creating 1 original Article & its 2 variations?
A: Based on the topic the time can vary between 3-6 days. This is because some topics needs more research & re-structuring while others may take comparatively lesser time. However quality remains the focus in both instances.
Q: Is the Content Original?
A: The content is 100% original. Original article and its 2 variations will be copyscape pass.
Q: What if Ezine does not approve the article?
A: We will try our best to get the approval but sometimes they tend to be a little too unreasonable. In the event of us not being able to get an approval in Ezine, we will make up with other 2 high PR Article sites.
Q: Do you need to do an internal assessment to see if a website may or may not benefit optimally from this service?
A: The service takes into account websites related to different products and services. In all probability there will not be an issue, however if we see any specific challenges we will duly get back to you. The On-Page is a critical aspect too. Obviously a carelessly done site will not be able to extract the maximum value. If there are minor tweaks we will share them with you. Otherwise if a considerable effort or required we will let you know.
Q: What is the Refund Policy for the service?
A: We offer our service with the highest satisfaction guarantee. However our service being very reasonably priced & owing to the high resource costs & inputs we are unable to offer any refunds. As a policy we treat every order with the true commitment it deserves. In rare cases, there is a possibility that the package execution gets delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, including force majeure.
Q: Any restrictions on the type of sites you accept?
A: Yes, No Gambling, No Porn, No Adult or Pharmaceutical products and No Foreign Language.
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